The Belgravia Sports Bar

We have recently completed the installation of an AV system at The Belgravia Sports Bar and Grill in Central London. This system consists of the following:
• Control4 control system for TV’s and Music throughout
• 8 Wall mounted TV’s
• 4 zones of Audio, 3 in the pub and 1 out in the garden
• Waterproof TV in the garden
• 4 Camera CCTV system for darts area
• 2 Wyrestorm 4×4 Matrices for HD Playback
• Full cloud based wifi sytem
• A docked iPad Air using a lockable wall dock

This install was completed just in time for the 2014 Worl Cup in Brazil. Because of the 2 Wyrestorm 4×4 Matrices, all 8 TV’s can play  Different channels, or the same channels in full HD.

The Pub also has a lot of charity darts tournements so we installed a 4 camera system in the darts area allowing all the patrons a space in the pub to watch the tournaments on the 8 TV’s (Even in the garden).

When there isnt any sport on, the pub has been split into 3 different audio zones allowing music from Napster, Spotify or the pubs own music at a touch of the iPad. Music playback also in the garden through the waterproof wall mounted speakers. Internal speakers are also waterproof just in case someone gets a little excited at the football with there pint.

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